A Girls Catholic School

St Ursula’s College, Yeppoon, is a Girls Catholic Boarding and Day school on the Capricorn Coast, 40 kilometres from Rockhampton.


St Ursula’s College is one of the few in Queensland that is able to offer education designed to specifically meet the needs of girls. This is important in developing the potential of each girl, especially in the early adolescent years.

The benefits of single sex education are evident in the confident manner with which girls express themselves and assume leadership roles.

Nowadays Brain Science and new insights into how we think, learn and view the world highlight the differences in male and female brains: for example, in how information is processed or the ages at which key brain structures like the Frontal Lobes develop and mature.

None of this is to suggest that girls and boys have innate, gender-based differences in their potential to achieve. The difference seems to be in how they access that potential. All young people are capable of learning in all subject areas. It is how they are taught that counts and teaching girls is what girls schools do best.

To provide balance, social interaction is important so social events for all year levels and mixed classes in some subjects in Years 11 and 12, provide opportunities to mix with boys from St Brendan’s College. A close relationship exists between the two Colleges and we have many families in common.

Apart from Yeppoon and the Capricorn Coast, students come to St Ursula’s from properties in the west, mining towns, Torres Strait Islands, Aboriginal communities, local farming areas, other parts of Queensland and interstate and overseas.

Exposure to such diverse backgrounds provides a rich educational environment and encourages genuine acceptance and appreciation of all people, regardless of social status, ethnic origin or financial means.

A strong bond is developed between country and local students through weekend and holiday visits.

A Catholic Girls College

As a Catholic College, St Ursula’s is committed to the development of the whole person.

The faith of students is nurtured in a caring environment that fosters an awareness of God’s unconditional love, a sense of gratitude about life and a hope for the future.

Opportunities are provided for students to grow in understanding of the Catholic tradition and develop the confidence and commitment to exercise a leadership role within the church.