A Girls Catholic School - Our Community

Developing a sense of community and strong relationships amongst staff, students and parents is central to the mission of St Ursula’s College.

Parents, staff and students work in collaboration to promote effective learning to provide a support network so that each student has the opportunity to attain her full potential.

DSC_0414Parent participation is encouraged at all levels and St Ursula’s College Parents & Friends Association (P&F) of our community.

The sense of community persists long after students have left St Ursula’s. Close friendships remain and links can be maintained through Past Students.

As a Catholic College, St Ursula’s is committed to the development of the whole person. Our rigorous Religious Education programme combined with our emphasis on faith development, foster the growth of students who with conviction and compassion are prepared to make a positive contribution to their communities.

As a Catholic College, we are committed to interacting with and serving our wider community in a variety of ways. These include regular involvement in the celebration of Parish Mass, an annual Sacramental program and volunteer and service work with agencies such as St Vincent De Paul.