A Girls Catholic School - Respectful Behaviour

All members of the College community are encouraged to work together to build an effective climate for learning and wellbeing which pervades every area of school life. We endeavour to do this by encouraging

  • The educational and personal growth of all students in an atmosphere reflecting the gospel values of freedom, love, hope, mercy, justice and service
  • The development of trusting, respectful and cooperative relationships between staff, students and their families, the parishes and the wider communities
  • To espouse a holistic approach to education
  • To expect all of our students to do their best and strive for excellence, so they can reach their full potential.

Therefore, everyone is involved in and responsible for developing an effective learning community which values the well being and pastoral care of all. A diversity of approaches and methods to suit the needs of the College community are implemented in this endeavour.

Restorative Practices

The Use of Restorative Practices at St Ursula’s College.

Maintaining social relationships is important in all aspects of life. St Ursula’s College promotes the Restorative Practices/Restorative Justice process, when dealing with behaviours which have caused harm to others.

Restorative Practices is a way of viewing conflict and wrongdoing that focuses on the harm these behaviours cause to relationships, and the obligation to repair that harm. This process works towards repairing that harm and avoiding using that behaviour again as it encourages students to face the real consequences of their behaviour.

The Fundamental Principles of ‘Restorative Practices’ include:

  • Misbehaviour is a violation of people and relationships
  • Violations create obligations and liabilities
  • A restorative approach seeks first to put things right

Restorative Practices complements the values of our Catholic tradition, as it encourages students towards self-directed right behaviour. By doing this, our Well-being Program is better able to promote, nurture and protect healthy relationships among members of the community. The heart of justice within our Catholic tradition encourages students to be accountable for the real consequences of wrongdoing.

St Ursula’s College will continue to implement Restorative Practices as it allows us to operate restoratively by having high expectations and insisting on high standards of behaviour while providing high levels of support and care for individuals.