A Girls Catholic School - Testimonials

Dear Mrs Dunbar,
I thought you might share the joy with me of hearing these words from my daughter last night:

“Thank you so much mum for letting me go to this school – I just love it here.”
“I’ve made friends I will have for life”
“My learning is just flourishing here”
“I really want to get involved”

She has joined debating – an outlet for passionate viewpoints. I am deeply aware of the privilege of circumstances and context that allows her the time to develop her thinking and engage with different perspectives.  Thank you and all your team.  In a troubled world we still have the opportunity to invest in the future by empowering our daughters through education.


I love being an Urshie Girl because everyone is such great friends and it makes you feel as though you belong.

Urshie’s gives you so many opportunities to do things like sport and after school activities.

I love that you can be yourself because that is why we are such a great school.


I love being an Urshie girl because everyone is so close and tight knit. I love the creative arts at St Ursula’s – like singing, dancing, drama and art. I also love the dancing especially in our liturgies.


What I like at St Ursula’s is how nice the teachers are and you don’t have the same teacher all the time.


I love how my education has improved here and I love the friendship!


This school has a friendly atmosphere and fun subjects to do. I am a Boarder and the girls are easy to make friends with and that’s what I like about St Ursula’s.


I love the friends that I have made and the experience of doing things that we can’t do at primary school.


I like the friendly caring atmosphere here and the caring teachers.

I love all the support that everyone in the Urshie’s staff gives me when I need it and I love all the options they give us.

I love Urshie’s being a single sex school because we don’t have to worry about showing off and we tend to focus on our school work.


What I love about being an Urshie girl is the Music Department and all of the extra after school activities.


I love how the teachers and staff devote their time to the education of the student! I am a cool person by the way!


I love being an Urshie girl because of the welcoming spirit and its diversity.


I love being an Urshie girl because of the interschool carnivals.


St Urusla’s has given me a positive education, a say in everything I do and awesome extra-curricular activities.


I love the funny stories we are told.


I like the teachers here and meeting new people.


I like the people, the staff and students here at St Ursula’s.


I like the teachers and what we are being taught at St Ursula’s. I like how fun it can be learning here.


I like being an Urshie girl because the teachers and staff are friendly and there are fun ways of learning.


What I like about St Ursula’s is that everyone treats each other with respect, the teachers are nice and we get a good education.


What I like about St Ursula’s College, is that we are well spirited and have great sportsmanship.


I like the Music Academy and the chance to learn a certain instrument.


What I like about St Ursula’s is that you can be yourself.


I love being an Urshie girl because of the friends I have made, the teachers, my classes, the people here and everything else!


Being at St Ursula’s means that I am at a safe, welcoming and clean school. I like it here.


I love being an Urshie girl because I can just be me!

And, I have the most amazing people in my class!


I like how St Ursula’s provides music, sport and academic opportunities.

It’s great because everyone is so friendly!


St Ursula’s was a big change for me because there is some kind of ‘Ban on Bullying’ Policy.

Everyone is nice and friendly here.


Dear Catherine,
I just wanted to let you know what a valuable and worthwhile experience my daughter gained yesterday with the visit from the RACQ representative. The girls have spent a lot of time discussing this visit at school following the demonstration. It has opened the channels of communication between the girls at school and also between my daughter and I and the other members in our family. The girls have definitely garnered many practical tips on how to avoid dangerous situations and/or how best to remove themselves from one.
Thank you once again for providing such valuable life skills to our children.


Thanks so much to you, your girls and guest performers for the wonderful performance at the Wagyu Conference. The 350 delegates from 15 countries were most impressed with the planning, enthusiasm, talent and professionalism displayed. We’ve received many comments including several ‘brought tears to my eyes’.

The repertoire was exactly what was wanted and you can use this as a reference for future enquiries.

Once again thank you for your efforts and best wished for the future.

Geoff Phillips

To Staff and Students

I had the pleasure of attending the ANZAC Day Parade and Service on Saturday in Yeppoon. The three young ladies from your school gave beautiful, powerful and eloquent speeches and did their school and themselves proud. As a teacher myself, I know the hard work, both from the students and their teachers, that must have gone into presenting such strong and heartfelt words. They were confident and spoke from the heart. Please pass on my thoughts to these three girls and give them my congratulations on a job very, very well done. I feel very strongly that all three young ladies will succeed in whatever career they choose. Congratulations to your school also for preparing these students so well. 

Michelle M

Good Afternoon Mrs Dunbar

I want to offer my sincere congratulations to you as Principal, the Teachers and the Students of St. Ursula’s for the contribution they made to both the Parade and the Ceremony on Anzac Day at Yeppoon.

The Students dressed in their uniforms, wearing their hats and those with and  without their blazers were absolutely outstanding.  Their expression showed they really wanted to be there which of course radiated out to all who saw them.

As for the three young ladies who gave the youth address, they did their school and community proud.  Their confidence, knowledge of the subject and articulate presentation with feeling and emotion was without a doubt the best I have heard in all the years I have been attending Anzac Day ceremonies.

I can only say “well done” to all concerned.

Desley R

I would like to thank all the staff at St. Ursula’s for providing me with the best possible secondary education and College environment which has prepared me well for university. The education and support I received during my time at St. Ursula’s has put me ahead of a lot of my university peers academically and has seen me achieving highly in all areas of my studies.

I thank you immensely


Maraia T