About St Ursula’s

Our Mission

We declare that the mission of St Ursula’s College is to continue the mission of Jesus, living and proclaiming the Gospel values to all people, especially in our school community, with fidelity, joy and enthusiasm.

Our mission demands that we create an environment where the Gospel values – both in daily living and in the learning situation – can be critically examined, clearly understood and responsibly acted upon.

This demands serious and courageous involvement in the field of education and in the practice of justice in our efforts to transform the world.

Our Values

In striving to live out the College motto, ‘PERFICE GRESSUS MEOS’ (Perfect My Steps), St Ursula’s College values:

    We seek to make students aware of the rich Catholic heritage, nurturing this as the source of Catholic identity and living. We strive to build upon the faith and commitment of the Presentation Sisters who founded the College.
    We believe in the dignity of each person and encourage all to treat others with consideration and regard, respecting other points of view and social and cultural differences.
    We seek to promote an environment whereby students and staff are able to develop themselves to their full potential. We seek to provide a curriculum and structure whereby students can experience success according to their unique personal capabilities.
    We strive to ensure that all members of the College community are treated with fairness, integrity and equity and nurture resilience to foster hope and reconciliation to foster harmony.
    We strive to encourage a sense of welcome to all and a spirit of service so that all in the community are inspired to demonstrate compassion, concern for others and a willingness to show their talents to enhance life for all.

In carrying on the tradition and values of the Presentation sisters, and in collaboration with Mercy partners, St Ursula’s College has a particular commitment to:

  • Religious Education and Faith Formation
  • the promotion of, and education for, justice,
  • the development of leadership ability,
  • encouraging students to strive to do and be their best,
  • preparing students to participate responsibly in society