About St Ursula’s - Parents & Friends Association (P&F)

The Parents and Friends Association is an integral part of the College community. It represents all the parents of the College as the official parent body in the College community.

The P&F provides the opportunity for parents to share their opinions on issues and assist in improving the educational opportunities for their children.

In particular, the P&F aims to participate in the College community and school by:

  • Keeping parents informed on educational issues.
  • Providing a forum for this exchange of information and for consultation and discussion.
  • Promoting parenting programs, parent/teacher interaction and parent support.
  • Fostering a sense of belonging i.e. parents as part of the College Community.
  • Supporting College activities through fundraising or attendance in an official capacity.

Parents & Friends Executive Committee Members

President: Alison Craggs
Vice President: Megan Weinert
Diocesan Delegate: Nat Salisbury


Contact Parents and Friends Association – Parent Details Form

Contact Parents and Friends Association – Parent Details Form