The students of St Ursula’s College are expected to witness to their belief in Gospel values by:

  • Participating in class and school Liturgies, Retreat Days & Prayer
  • Being actively involved in Religious Education classes
  • Having a positive attitude to practising their Faith
    Students are expected to show respect and concern for others by:
  • Speaking and acting courteously to all staff and visitors to the College
  • Acting in a friendly manner towards each other, both individually and in group situations
  • Not gossiping about and criticising other students
  • Not damaging anybody else’s reputation
  • Not using inappropriate, unacceptable or threatening language
  • Refraining from actions that threaten, harm or demean others
  • Not disrupting the learning of others
  • Moving quietly between classes
  • Correct use of technology

Students are expected to show respect for themselves by:

  • Behaving in a way that upholds their dignity as young Christian women
  • Not smoking or introducing/using alcohol or drugs. The breaking of this rule at the College or at any College function is considered to be a serious offence
  • Wearing their school uniform with pride
  • Dressing appropriately at all College functions

All students are to respect property by:

  • Having their own belongings properly named
  • Borrowing only with the express permission of the owner, and returning the item as soon as possible
  • Not stealing
  • Using College property including books and resources with respect
  • Caring for the environment by not littering, defacing with graffiti nor damaging willfully
  • Not bringing chewing gum to school
  • Reporting damages as soon as possible

Breaches to this Code of Behaviour and the Uniform Policy will result in consequences. An accumulation of such breaches may result in the student ineligible for an Honour Certificate.