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Mercy Partners

Mercy Partners commits to faithfully carry out the sponsorship task of ensuring that St Ursula’s College flourishes as an educational ministry in the Catholic Church and remains faithful to Gospel values and to the Presentation Charism and Educational Vision.

St Ursula’s College Board of Directors

In 1992, the Presentation Sisters incorporated the College as a Company, St Ursula’s College Limited, and established a Board of Directors. This was done with careful preparation and ongoing formation.

The Presentation Sisters, like many Congregations, faced the challenge of declining numbers and looked for a governance model to meet the needs of the future. When the decision was made to incorporate the College, the Sisters developed a constitution that provides for the governance of the College through an appointed Board of Directors. St Ursula’s College is thus a ‘stand alone’ Religious Institute School, unlike other Secondary Schools and Colleges in the Rockhampton Diocese that are controlled by the Diocesan Catholic Education Office (DCEO) and, ultimately, the Bishop. Of course, St Ursula’s enjoys valuable working relationships with the DCEO.

In June 2014, the Canonical sponsorship of the College was transferred from the Presentation Sisters to Mercy Partners. The College continues in the Presentation tradition under the guidance of the St Ursula’s College Board and with the dedication and commitment of the Principal, College Leadership Team and staff.

The College Board has a membership of 10 Directors:

  • Mr Justin Power BEcon, MSustDev (Chair)
  • Mrs Alison Craggs BBus (Mktg), MMgt (Deputy Chair)
  • Mrs Bridget Wells BA LLB GDLP
  • Mr Gavin Hill BEng (Civil), MIEAust , RPEQ , AdvDipIT
  • Mrs Ann Marie Pawsey MEdL, BA, Dip.Ed, Grad Cert RE
  • Ms Jayne Maresse BBus (Accounting), CA
  • Mr Tim Cole CA
  • Mrs Julie Payne BCom(Acc), GradCertBusAdmin, GradCertEd,  FCPA
  • Mr Anthony Arnold BA LLB (UQ) DipModLang (UNE)
  • Mrs Louise Cook BHLTSC, DAPPSC, GradCertComm&PrimHlthCareNsg, GradCertCritCareNsg, MACN

Mrs Angela Noy; Company Secretary

Unless they choose otherwise, members remain on the Board for a maximum of nine years, served on a rotational basis.


College Leadership Team

College Leadership Team 2021

  • Principal – Deborah Ryan
  • Deputy Principal (Learning & Teaching) – Belinda Connolly
  • Deputy Principal (Spiritual & Pastoral) – Deidre Pascoe
  • Business Manager – Peta Tomkins
  • Director of Operations & Analytics – Ben Flanders

Middle Leaders

Year Level Coordinators

  • Junior School – Megan Slade
  • Middle School – Kelly Melvin
  • Senior School – Kathy King

Heads of Department

  • Arts and Instrumental Music Coordinator – Ms Shannon du Plessis
  • Design and Technology and eLearning Coordinator – Mr Luke Tree
  • Mathematics – Mr Kevin Wallis
  • Acting Science – Mrs Kim Reddy
  • Social Science (including Business and Library) – Mr Mark Avery
  • English – Ms Debbie Owens
  • Religious Education (including Ministry) – Ms Kathy Strelow
  • Health and Physical Education – Mr Daniel Ramirez
  • Languages – Mrs Emily Willis

Head of Boarding – Kerry Thompson


Catholic School Parents Queensland (CSPQ) (formerly the Parents and Friends Association) is an integral part of the College community. This Committee provides the opportunity for parents to share their opinions on issues relevant to the College, and assist in improving the educational opportunities available for their children.

St Ursula’s CSPQ meets approximately twice each term. New and continuing parents and carers are encouraged to join. This Committee aims to:

  • Keep parents and carers informed about educational issues;
  • Provide a forum for exchange of information and for consultation and discussion;
  • Promote parenting programs, parent/teacher interaction, and parent support;
  • Foster a sense of belonging, i.e. parents as part of the College Community; and
  • Support College activities through fundraising or attendance in an official capacity.

Parents & Friends Executive Committee Members 2022

President:  Jo Couper
Vice President:  Natalie Salisbury
Secretary:  Kellie Hill
Treasurer:  Maria Harms
Diocesan Delegates: Colleen Cranny and Natalie Salisbury

St Ursula’s College P&F Constitution


House System

At St Ursula’s College, each student belongs to one of four College ‘Houses’ for the duration of their enrolment: Kennedy (Green); Madden (Red); Nagle (Blue); and Shiel (Yellow).

The House system provides a structure for competition in Sporting and Cultural activities at St Ursula’s College. Smaller groups within each House also meet twice weekly for pastoral care activities and mentoring under the guidance of a staff member, in a set area. Students are encouraged to regard their House Group Teacher as their primary staff contact person. The House Group Teacher’s role is to take a special interest in the welfare of those students in the group and to report to parents on the general progress of those students in their care.

Where a student is experiencing difficulties, she could approach:

  • The Subject Teacher (if the problem relates to a particular subject) or her House Group Teacher;
  • Head of Junior School (Year 7 & 8), Head of Middle School (Year 9 & 10) or Head of Senior School (Year 11 &12);
  • Deputy Principal Spiritual & Pastoral, or Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching.


At St Ursula’s College, Yeppoon, we cultivate an environment of belonging, so that each and every member of our community knows they are respected and welcome. A culture Harmony Day at St Ursula's Collegewhich empowers and encourages each student to seize leadership opportunities, know their self-worth, and reach their potential is evident throughout the College. Our staff are dynamic and dedicated professionals who specialise in the education of young women. A prominent and active well-being program supported by three Heads of School, a School Counsellor and a School Nurse, is based on the principles of Positive Psychology and Growth Mindset, and ensures that girls are well supported as they navigate adolescence.

The multicultural atmosphere of the College fosters a sense of belonging and inclusion among all students. Students and staff from various cultural backgrounds share their knowledge and skills within the College Community and are appreciated for their contribution to campus life. Harmony Day is celebrated annually, and the Cultural Captain, a Student Leader, works with staff to create opportunities to celebrate cultural awareness and acknowledge diversity in a respectful and affirming manner.

A Yarning Circle, created at the College in 2016, provides a sacred space for students to remember, pray, and relax. Designed and built by Indigenous Elders, staff and students, the Yarning Circle has unique Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural influences.