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We welcome the opportunity to show parents and prospective students our beautiful College environment and attractive school facilities. To enrol your daughter, follow the procedures as outlined below.

  • Fees are confirmed in November each year, for the following year. Any questions about fees and bursaries may be directed to the Principal or Business Manager.
  • Fees are due to be paid by the third Friday of each term, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Principal or Business Manager.
  • In the event of financial difficulty, we urge parents to contact the Principal or Business Manager prior to the due date for payment, to discuss special payment arrangements. This will ensure the matter is handled appropriately. Where neither payment nor contact is made, we have no alternative but to begin processes according to our Fee Collection Policy.
  • Parents withdrawing their daughter from the College must inform the Principal, in writing, providing notice of a minimum One Term. Tuition Fees and Boarding Fees (where applicable) of One Term are payable where an enrolment is cancelled and the required notice is not provided.


Enrolment is the admission of students to the school. This enrolment policy is in accordance with the Mission Statement of the College which is based on the teachings of Jesus and the charism of the founder of the Presentation Sisters, Nano Nagle.

Policy Statement

Within the limits of financial, physical and human resources, enrolment at St Ursula’s College is open to:

  • girls who are Catholic
  • girls of other faith traditions who make a commitment to the values of the College.


St Ursula’s College aims to provide an education for girls in the Catholic tradition based on the Principles of Presentation Education.

The process of determining enrolments is crucial to maintaining the Catholic environment.

This Policy provides guidance to the Leadership Team who have the task of determining which applicants are selected for enrolment.


  • The Leadership Team of the College will develop guidelines to assist with the implementation of this Policy.
  • The ethos of the College, the obligations of parents and the responsibilities of students will be explained at the time of enrolment.
  • To complete the enrolment application, parents/guardian will be required to sign a document indicating their support for the Mission of the College and school policies and their acceptance of responsibility for meeting financial commitments incurred in the education of their daughter/s.
  • The Leadership Team will determine the appropriateness of enrolling the student in the school by closely examining the needs of the student and to what degree the College can provide for the student in the areas of faith development, curricular, environment (boarding and day), support services and behaviour management.
  • Continued enrolment is dependent upon continued acceptance of conditions agreed upon enrolment. After the enrolment process is completed, students will be formally welcomed and inducted into the College.

Enrolment Process

Enrolment at St Ursula’s is a multi-step process which aims to satisfy the requirements of the College, while remaining flexible to meet the needs of families. Enrolment applications can be submitted at any time; however, to be considered for the following year’s intake, submissions MUST be received by 31 May.

It is essential both the My Story form (for students) and the Parent Questionnaire (for Parents/Carers) be included with your application. All other documentation required by the College is listed within the Enrolment Application Form.

Enrolment events:

  • Students in Year 6 are encouraged to attend Discovery Day, an event specifically tailored to those commencing Secondary Schooling in the following year;
  • Parent Information Sessions, held in May and July each year, are group events that provide essential details to families looking to enrol their daughter(s). This includes a ‘meet and greet’ with staff; light refreshments; and a short presentation. An optional student-led College Tour is also available. Please note: Attendance at one (1) Parent Information Session is an obligatory part of the Enrolment Process;
  • A Taste and Tour of the College, held in May and July each year, is offered to families with students of any age, who would like to learn more about the opportunities St Ursula’s provides. This includes a College Tour, light refreshments, and an informal chat with members of the Leadership Team.

If you have any questions or require further information, at any stage during the Enrolment Process, please contact Business Development Officer, Natalie Salisbury, via email at [email protected] or by phoning College Reception on 4939 9600.

Frequently Asked Questions


Your Financial Investment


The Tuition Fee is an all-inclusive fee which covers all curriculum costs including:

  • Textbooks
  • Student Diary
  • Student Device
  • Annual College Magazine
  • Parents & Friends Levy
  • Compulsory day excursions
  • All compulsory religious, sporting and cultural activities
  • Capital & Building contributions
  • The only levies to apply are Special Levies*, which cover additional costs that are specific to some electives and subjects (see below)
  • Parents/Guardians/Carers are advised that for the current year all SPECIAL LEVIES will be applied to fee accounts in Term 2 (for Semester 1) and Term 3 (for Semester 2)

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fee Years 7-9                       $4775
Student Device Program Fee           $400
Parents & Friends Levy                    $80

Total Tuition Fee Years 7-9              $5255

Senior School – Years 10*, 11* and 12*
Tuition Fee Years 10-12                   $5000
Student Device Program Fee           $400
Parent & Friends Levy                      $80

Total Tuition Fee Years 10-12          $5480

*Special Levies
Special Levies apply to these year levels in the following electives/subjects. The only levies to apply are Subject Levies, which cover additional costs that are specific to some elective subjects (see below). The following levies are applied to the fee account in TERM 2 (for Semester 1) and TERM 3 (for Semester 2).

Boarding Fees (Years 7-12)

Full Time Boarding
Per Annum $13 630 Inc GST

Subject / Elective Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12
Aquatics/Marine Studies Excursion $200 $200
Camp $175 $80 $380
Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance $350  $350
Certificate III in Fitness $275 $275
Certificate I in Hospitality  $265
Certificate II in Kitchen Operations $250 $250

Fee Schedules

Edstart Payment Plan

Edstart makes it easy for you to manage your St Ursula’s College fee payments. We can help you
spread large upfront school fees into more manageable payments, so that school fees don’t hold
back your finances.



Edstart Fee Calculator

Calculate your school fees using the simple fee calculator below.

You can also apply for an Edstart payment plan to spread your fees into weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, as well as extending over a longer period.



Cancellation Policy

Parents withdrawing their daughter from the College should inform the Principal, in writing, providing notice of a minimum one (1) Term.
Additional administration charges may apply to the cancellation of an enrolment which occurs during the term.
The College will not refund any fee should the student cease enrolment part-way through the Term.


Please note that student participation in optional extra-curricular activities such as Cultural Tours, Instrumental Music Excursions, Sporting Excursions and similar activities will not be allowed if Tuition fees are outstanding.
Unless you have made prior payment arrangements with our Finance staff, our payment terms require payment for each term’s fees (and other charges if applicable), by the third Friday following the beginning of that term. For 2020, this means:

TERM 1 – Payment due by 12th February 2021
TERM 2 – Payment due by 7th May 2021
TERM 3 – Payment due by 30th July 2021
TERM 4 – Payment due by 22nd October 2021

Continuance of a students’ enrolment at the College cannot be guaranteed if fees and charges remain outstanding or a payment plan has not been negotiated with the Business Manager.

Discounts Available

Discount for students at Catholic schools – For those families where more than one student is in attendance at a Catholic school within the Rockhampton Diocese. A discount is offered on the Tuition Fee (not Boarding fee or special levies) based on the number of students in the family attending a Catholic School.
The discount will apply to each student enrolled at St Ursula’s College. Please note we will be unable to provide you with the sibling discount without receipt of the Payment Agreement form. This discount will be credited from the date the form is returned, it will not be back dated.

Please note that the Payment agreement form must be completed in full and returned to the College by the due date for the full discount to be applied.
The percentage discount will increase with the more children you have in Catholic schools. Please refer to the table below showing the discount percentage amount per student.

Students in Catholic Schools 1 2 3 4 5 6
Discount % per student at STU 0% 10% 15% 20% 30% 40%

Discount for Fees Paid in Advance

A discount is available where the annual Tuition Fee is paid in full and received at the College by Friday 12th February 2021. The amount of discount is subject to review each year. For 2021 the discount is 10%.

Please note there is no discount on Boarding fees paid in advance.

Financial Support

Fee Concessions

Concessions will be considered where a demonstrated need exists due to financial circumstances. Applications are to be submitted on the relevant form to the Business Manager and will be treated in confidence.

State Government Programs

    • Text Book Allowance – this is included in the calculation of Fees and will be paid directly to the College.
    • Non-Government Schools Transport Assistance – application forms are available twice per year (April & October) and can be completed online at http://www.qcec.qld.catholic.edu.au/.
    • Living Away from Home Allowance – please contact Education Queensland to establish your eligibility
    • Remote Area Tuition Allowance– to help with the payment of Tuition Fees (paid directly to the school);
    • Remote Area Travel Allowance – for students who meet the residential distance eligibility criteria, assistance is available to offset travelling expenses, provided the distance travelled from home to the Boarding location is at least 50 km.

Telephone: 1800 248 997 or visit www.education.qld.gov.au

Commonwealth Government Programs

Subject to eligibility criteria, the following assistance may be available from www.centrelink.gov.au

  • Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) (Telephone: 132 318),
  • Youth Allowance (Telephone: 132 490), or
  • ABSTUDY (Telephone: 132 317)

Building Fund Donation

100% tax-deductible donations of any amount may be made to the College Building Fund. Receipts will be issued upon request.

Scholarships are available each year for prospective students wishing to enrol at St Ursula’s College.

Specific Academic/Boarding/Sporting/Cultural scholarships are awarded to successful students currently enrolled at St Ursula’s College, who demonstrate extraordinary effort and achievement in one or more of these areas. Scholarships are subject to availability of funds, and are made possible due to the generous donations from Past Students, and the Presentation Sisters.

Applications for 2022 Scholarships have now closed. All successful applicants will be notified via mail by 30 September 2021. Scholarship criteria for 2023 intake will be confirmed, with Applications opening Term 4, 2021.