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Stationery requirements for the 2024 School Year are available below:

Class Times


Bus Timetable

Bus services to and from the College are available from Emu Park and along the Scenic Highway. The cost of each service is $690 (annually) per student and registrations can be made by emailing [email protected]

Emu Park Bus Timetable

Scenic Hwy Bus Timetable

Student Protection

All students at St Ursula’s College should expect to be:

  • Treated with dignity and respect at school
  • Able to feel safe at home and in the wider community
  • Able to learn free from anxiety

The law protects children and young people. All adults have a responsibility to ensure that children and young people are protected. At St Ursula’s, staff and volunteers have a special role in protecting students and are trained to provide assistance to students experiencing or fearing harm. They are willing to assist in any situation where a student has concerns for their personal safety or the safety of others. Any student who knows that another student has been harmed or is afraid of being harmed should SPEAK UP.

What is meant by harm?

Harm is any detrimental effect of a significant nature on a student’s physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing. This can include:

  • Harm to a student by a staff member or volunteer of the College
  • Harm to a student by someone else (e.g. family member, visitor, neighbour, sports coach)
  • Harm to a student by another student
  • Self-harm

Harm may be caused by:

  • Physical Abuse – hitting, shaking, punching
  • Sexual Abuse or Exploitation – sexual touching, intercourse, intimate relationship between staff member/family member/other adult and student, exposure to sexual pictures
  • Psychological or Emotional Abuse – verbal or written threats including electronic, damaging comments, sarcasm, constant criticism
  • Neglect – failure to provide adequate food, shelter or care
  • Bullying and self-harm may also constitute harm

Who do you speak to?

Any staff member will assist you to speak up. Go to any staff member and say you need to report harm. They will assist you.

For legal reasons, special people have been appointed to deal with reports of harm.

They are:

  • Student Protection Contacts (Deputy Principal – Students & Wellbeing, College Counsellor, Head of Boarding)
  • Principal (Mrs Ryan)

That person will listen to you, take your report seriously, care for you and ensure the correct procedures are followed to protect you or the student you are concerned about.

Remember: Children and students need to be protected. Protect yourself and others by speaking up.

Student Wellbeing

These services can be accessed by all students by contacting the Deputy Principal Students & Wellbeing, Heads of School, College Counsellor, Community Officer, Head of Boarding and/or College Nurse. The Wellbeing team work together to provide specific support for students and cater for their personal needs.

Help is available from the following websites and phone numbers: | KIDS HELP LINE 1800 551 800


St Ursula’s College encourages students to build respectful and positive relationships with ALL members of the College Community. The College embraces the philosophy and processes of Restorative Practices is committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment, which promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem for all and, therefore, will not tolerate harassment in any form.

What is harassment?

Harassment or Bullying occurs when a person engages in repeated unwelcome conduct which offends, humiliates or intimidates another person.

Harassment can be:

  • Physical – touching, pushing, hitting, kicking, physical intimidation
  • Verbal – hurtful comments, payouts, teasing, calling names, crude jokes, spreading rumours, offensive or abusive comments
  • Verbal/Social Media – obscene body/hand gestures, stopping access to areas, damage to personal property, inappropriate emails or text messages or photographs

If you are being harassed, or see someone being harassed, you should:

  • Tell the person who is harassing you to STOP

If you feel unable to do this:

  • Talk to your House Group Teacher or a Teacher you are comfortable talking to
  • Talk to your Head of School or Deputy Principal Spiritual & Pastoral
  • Talk to your friends and parents

Remember – if you are being harassed, you can do something about it! Support for you is available, TALK to someone.

If you see someone being bullied, you are a bystander – it is your responsibility to SPEAK UP.

Consequences of harassment

Students who have been involved in harassment can expect:

  • In the first instance of harassment, students will be made aware of their unacceptable behaviour and asked to make appropriate amends for their actions

For students who repeatedly harass:

  • Leadership Team members will be informed, and appropriate actions will be taken
  • College processes will be followed
  • Parents will be contacted
  • Behaviour will be monitored
  • If behaviour that contradicts the values of the College persists, the offending student will face temporary or permanent exclusion from St Ursula’s College

Code of Conduct

All students should be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct. Breaches to this Code or to the Uniform Policy will result in consequences. An accumulation of such breaches may result in the student being ineligible for a College award or College leadership position. Breaches may also result in ineligibility to attend College events and/or activities, or to represent the College.

Uniform Guidelines

Current and prospective students are encouraged to read the College’s Uniform guidelines 2024. This describes each uniform (Formal/Sports/Day) and when it should be worn.

The College Uniform Shop opening hours during Term time, commencing from Week 2 of Term 1, are as follows;
Tuesday 7.30am to 9.30am
Wednesday 7.30am to 9.30am
Wednesday 2.30pm to 5.30pm or to 6pm by arrangement

If you are unable to attend the shop during these times, please email [email protected] or phone 49399644 and the items you require can be paid for over the phone and collected from Student Reception.

Uniform price list 2023


School Day Procedures

End of term expectations

It is expected that all students will remain at school until 3.00pm on the final day of term as per the College calendar, in order to meet course requirements. Please note that Boarding families are requested to make travel arrangements on the designated Travel Days as indicated on the College calendar.

Student Absence

When students are absent from school, parents/carers are requested to contact the College each day of absence unless advised otherwise. St Ursula’s College recognises that there are times when students are legitimately unable to attend school; however, as attendance is vital for academic success, it is expected that students attend every day of the school year, unless there are reasonable or exceptional circumstances and that procedures are followed.

Extended unexplained absence may impact on enrolment at the College.  

Request for leave during term

When a family/student knows in advance that special leave from school is required during term time it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the school by phone, email or letter before the leave can be granted.

Once the school has been notified, the student should collect a Request for Leave form from Student Reception and ask their teachers to complete. An appropriate time frame of notice is required.

The form documents the work expectations for a student during the absence period. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the work and keep up to date with their learning. The College does not support students taking extended leave during the school term unless for exceptional circumstances or medical reasons.

Extended leave may impact upon a student’s ability to meet course requirements, including assessment, and an incomplete result may be awarded.

Consequences for student misuse of mobile phones:

  • Name recorded, phone/device confiscated and to be collected from Student Reception at 3.00pm. After school detention. Ongoing misuse will result in further consequences and may impact ongoing enrolment at the College.
  • If a student becomes sick during class, she is to report her illness with her teacher. If necessary, the student is sent to Student Reception and will be referred to the Health Centre.
  • If a student becomes ill during breaks, she reports directly to the Health Centre. Students are not to contact parents directly. They should be assessed by the Nurse who will contact parents if necessary.
  • If it is necessary for a student to bring medication to school, it must be handed into the Nurse.