EmpowerU Day

Tuesday, 13. June 23

St Ursula’s Year 8 students took part in the College’s inaugural #EmpowerU Day on Thursday 9 March, as part of International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrations.

In keeping with the IWD 2023 theme, ‘Embrace Equity’, #EmpowerU Day focused on showing students the amazing achievements of women and empowering them to challenge female stereotypes.

“Students watched the movie, Hidden Figures, which is the true story of three pioneering women who worked at NASA and were instrumental in launching astronaut John Glenn into orbit,” said St Ursula’s College Principal, Mrs Deborah Ryan.

“Other sessions involved a rotation of activities including a Mathematical Literacy Challenge, a Fitness and Conditioning session at Fitstop, and a Drama Activity,” Mrs Ryan said.

Year 8 student, Freya Went, said Hidden Figures had a powerful message.

“It showed how important perseverance is, especially when you face difficulties,” Freya said.

Fellow Year 8 students, Charlie Palairet, Chloe Kleinhans and Mikuni Park, said they enjoyed the activities on offer and each gained a different perspective from working with others in their year level.

“Women are stronger when they face challenges together,” said Mikuni.

“Teamwork is important, and so is being inclusive because everyone contributes value,” said Charlie.

“Work with a growth mindset, not a goal mindset,” said Chloe.

The students indicated in their feedback that they thought #EmpowerU Day should become an annual event on the College’s calendar.

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