Tennis ideal match for students’ needs

Wednesday, 17. August 22

Tennis Australia have partnered with St Ursula’s College to serve up a program to match the needs of Year 8 students.

The College was awarded a Sporting Schools grant to incorporate Tennis into their Year 8 program, in order to tackle the decline in sport participation that occurs during adolescence.

Health and Physical Education (HPE) teacher at St Ursula’s College, Ms Sophie Watkins, said she applied for the Sporting Schools grant because of her passion for Tennis.

“I wanted to incorporate this particular sport into the program,” said Ms Watkins.

“By partnering with Tennis Australia, we can deliver an engaging, skill focussed unit aimed at increasing participation in HPE with our Year 8 students.”

“So far, the program has successfully achieved our goal, with many girls enjoying playing doubles and singles against each other.”

“Tennis is such a social sport, and students can interact with others they normally wouldn’t; they can play socially and competitively to improve their skills; and it provides a sense of achievement.”


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